Thursday, 18 August 2011

CCIE Journey

Hello Friends

For the Last 15 days I have just started the preparation for the  CCIE  Routing and Switching LAB. This is my first blog entry, and In this blog I would like to include the Technology stuff which i would learn in the CCIE Routing and Switching Preparation Journey.

In my opinion forget about the written, just divide your studies into 1/2 theory and 1/2 practice, for every argument on the blueprint.
Routing Tcp/IP volume I and II are your best friends for this year.
Then, when you have practiced and studied almost 6 months,  do the written,  then after a little while the lab.

The written isn't difficult, it's like a ccnp + ccip all in one exam,  so a couple of questions on every arguments and it's done, no fear about it.

The lab it's a different story, there are plenty of vendors:

-INE (Internetwork Expert)
-Narbik (also called MicronicsTraining)
-Cisco 360

All have a complete studying portfolio, with videos and workbooks, and are equivalents in my opinion,  just choose the most convenient.

Try to have access to real equipment,  it's mandatory practice on real switches, for routers you can use dynamips.

A good rack is a must for a ccie (4 switches 3560, 6 routers with 12.4T, 1 frame relay switch, 1-3 BB with 12.3, 1 access server),  but there is also the option to rent it and/or use dynamips the most of time.

As of know my strategy would be to Practice everything on the dynamips for the Routing Topic and for the Switching I have just purchase the Rack Rentals with initial start on 100 token. 

Probably I would choose the coaching institute for practicing the Switching stuff, but that part is not sure..

 Happy Studying